Saturday, January 19, 2008

Checking in

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Still around, still taking pictures. Still doing a layout a day, sometimes more. I'm really rocking the scrapbook supplies. Can you believe I've done over 20 LOs this month? Holy heck, that's more than almost all of last year. Ben's baby album is almost done, our family album for 2007 only needs Christmas scrapped, and I've got a great head start on my parents' 50th anniversary album (that's for next month...) I discovered how to link to my gallery at need for me to upload twice (there and SISTV), although it looks like you have to be signed in at BPS to look at my stuff. SIGH.

In February I take a big hit to my crafting budget...$549 to be exact...for Creative Escape. I've already done 3 circle journals (of 9), including my own, which is out there in the "circuit." We'll get them back at CE. It seems so far off but it's getting closer every day.

Not feeling well today, sore throat, headache. Took a looooong nap while E had the kids out at the gym. Tess is big into her new Webkins pony (now that we can get online with it). When she was done playing she was instantly "bored" and wanted to do a I built her a fort. I need to take it down now and get my quilt back on my bed...freakin cold tonight! Brrr.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

No resolutions...

...just lots of photo projects for me in the year (and month) ahead.

Project365: A photo a day. I'm already struggling, but I'm determined to keep my camera with me and read. the. damn. manual. Finally. I'm also putting these photos into this group, since I started on January 1st. You can start Project365 anytime if you'd like to join me...

365Days: A self-portrait each day. This one is much easier, since you have a built-in subject. I can see myself sticking with this for the long haul.

Get a L.O.A.D. of This: A layout a day challenge (free!) at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I have finished more pages this month than in all of October, November, and December 2007 combined. Since the gallery is impossible to search, I've loaded all my completed layouts into my portfolio at SISTV.