Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoppy Easter

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I was laughing so hard at this concept over at my MILs today, that I actually started crying. Then did it again about 20 minutes later.

So of course, I had to go home and recreate it in the snow on our deck out back.

Still makes me laugh.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Those crazy Russkies

Consider the source when you view this: my ultra-conservative brother sent it on:

Sweet Home Alabama I know what crazy stuff he subscribes to online.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A relaxing Easter weekend ahead...really

Ben is up north at my folks' for the weekend so I'm getting in some quality time with Tess...oh, where is she now? In front of the TV, of course. But we have kindergarten P.J. night tonight, no siblings and E out of town for the day, so it worked out. Too bad she has no school tomorrow; I could have cropped all day but now I have to entertain her. I might even take her cropping with me for a bit tomorrow.

As always, sorry for the lack of writing in here. I am keeping up (!) with my Flickr 365 projects, so I am updating there every other day or so with my photos and stories. I guess I'm just out of steam for writing here.

Finishing projects left and right, though...

Baby hat for Ingrid & Co.,
guaranteeing that the weather
will now warm up.

Hat for me, with yarn bought last
Saturday from a local spinner.
Yet another reassurance that warm
weather is around the bend.

Page for a Creative Escape Circle Journal
on Travels/Destinations for Shannon.
Fun one!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's O-VAH!

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Whew. E thought I was crazy when I told the girls' parents to come back in an hour and a half; turns out I was right on target (he thought they needed 2 hours).

Here was the party line-up:

Arrival: put handprint on Tess's birthday T-shirt. Sign it. Get your rock star gear: sparkley boa & glitter sunglasses (the Hannah Montana specs I'm sporting were one of Tess's gifts...shh...don't tell her I tried them on...)

Craft: Rock Star/BFF foam frame creations. Photo opps with party girl Tess.

Game: drop-a-clothes pin -in-the-bottle. This determined the order they would go in for...

Goodie bags: follow your color of curling ribbon (7 in all) twisted around in our basement to your goodie bag (fun to set up, until I got to ribbon #4...#5...and got increasingly tangled in my own cleverness).

*proceed to drive adults crazy with the whizzing lip favors I put in the goodie bags*

Food: cream...juice.

Gift opening.

Everyone arrived at once, and everyone left at once. Clean up began.

Made for a short Sunday, though!