Saturday, March 31, 2007

Clean tank, happy fish

Clean tank, happy fish
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We had our neighbor's teenager watch Jack while we were in Florida. Even though I asked her to give him only a *pinch* of food each day, and also gave her a glass to skim old food off the top, he still came back with his tank nastier than when we left (and I cleaned it the day before we left!)

I couldn't stand it anymore. I cleaned it this morning. Then Tess & I went to the library for storytime and...whoa! animals. Tess was really looking forward to that part; she has taken on Ming-Ming, the duckling from Wonder Pets, as her personal imaginary friend. Too bad the ducks were more teenager than duckling. Still, she had a fun time feeding the baby angora goat (too adorable).

NOT a lamb
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This picture will go great in the new, COMPLETE SEI album I WON last night (still got my crop-drawing mojo!) at my first Paper and Glue crop last night. I had a BLAST cropping with Hailey and Shel, who are actually from my end of town. Despite taking the wrong Michigan Avenue exit (who knew there were so many?) on my way to their Canton location last night (no offense Ypsi, but I don't need to see you for a long, long time) (you either, BELLEVILLE) (that's right, I ended up in frickin' BELLEVILLE) I was able to get focused and get a lot done.

I won TWO drawings, a really cool 7 gypsies stamp (family) that I used right away, and that beautiful SEI Spring/Summer 8x8 album Halley had made up...she even sold me the "sequel," the Fall/Winter album, from today's drawings (sorry, ladies).

Best of all, I stayed until 1:00 A.M. (my usual haunt would've kicked me out at 11:30 p.m.). I will be going to one of their crops again...hopefully out Ann Arbor way? And I'm not just saying that because I won everything...

>insert evil laughter here<

p.s. to DD bag came in -- it was at my MIL's, since she ordered it for me for Christmas. And I really like it after all! It's not pink & orange like I though, it's a pink & green & black floral pattern. Yum!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Only Two More Days... donate on behalf of Ali Edward's son and her efforts to meet the Six Degrees challenge: Autism Speaks

E works with a friend who has two autistic boys. The statistics are more than a little disturbing, aren't they?

WRIF stickers

WRIF stickers
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I posted about my trip down nostalgia lane when I saw a WRIF van last summer; a guy from Ontario (hi Steve!) wrote to me immediately, looking to trade. I have about 150 unique WRIF stickers in my collection, he has over 700 (not including doubles and triples).

I finally found my stash -- in our furnace room, of all places, but none of the stickers seem the worse for the heat-- and spread them out to see what I had doubles/triples/+++ of (who knew I liked Whitesnake?! I have 7 or 8 of theirs).

I did a quick search on Ebay to see what these are going for -- not much -- and found a guy who has a lot of the same as me. I wonder if he interned there at the same time?

I'm especially enjoying some of the ones we altered in our spare time (sitting around listening to rival stations and writing up their playlists...I guess they have the internet for that now). In the bottom left, you can spy the black-on-white "Lost Boys" one I created (I was a huge fan of the vampire movie at that time). I also found a mini-motorcycle one that spells out my name, and three that we altered to read "Yabba" "Dabba" and "Doo" (I have no idea why...extreme boredom, I'm guessing).

Our sports teams at the time (except for the 1984 Tigers) were all deadbeats, thus we had some altered ones to read "Dead Wings" and "Pissons," (I never thought "Lie Ons" was all that clever, but Ive been bitter about our football team for years) although sadly, I do not have any of those in my collection.

Good times.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy (Half-) Birthday, Ben!

Six Months Old
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I've got the whole (so far) set over at Flickr, of course.

If he keeps smiling in the same increments each month, he'll be bursting by his first birthday!

Check out those three toothies at the bottom. Hee.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back from Florida...

Whew! Got in about 10p last night (our flight, that is), got home and all got to bed...then took a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon. Bummer, because I didn't get any uploading or scrapbook organizing done. Now I'm trying, and Grumpy is...well, grumping...and I'm about halfway (!) through my pictures. Dang.

Anyway, they're in a set at Flickr with some comments...who knows when I'll get back to this blog, since Tess is on Spring Break this week. Double dang. Have fun looking and don't forget to comment if you see something you like!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Just 3 hours away...

My favorite
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...and I'm missing him terribly! Mom & Dad are watching Ben while we take Tess on the ultimate Everglades excursion.

Ben was nonchalant about our leaving, until we pulled away and I waved at him from the rental car window. He had that worried look but seemed unsure about exactly what he should be worried about. Daddy's strange car? Being held by Grandma? (who probably set him down the minute we pulled out of sight...he's topped 22 pounds already, at 5 months...when I see other babies under a year, I can't even begin to guess their age anymore.)

We've learned a fun new card game with some longtime friends of my folks. The game is called Pay Me, and for once I've had fun playing cards with my Dad...he's a terrible tease, and I get pissed when I can't get a good streak of luck. It probably helped that I ultimately won our first complete game (it takes a while).

E, of course, is ready to retire already. He gets to play tennis every day, outside. I had the scrapbooking jones bad enough to borrow some paper from my Mom and make a quick page about Ben's first taste of oranges. Too bad I can't download photos yet (I can, but I'm on a borrowed laptop and don't know how), those turned out cute. That kid eats anything (obviously).

Well, off to try and not get eaten by an alligator tomorrow. Or sunburnt. Or blown off an airboat. Yeah, try not to hate me for being in Florida.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Big deal

Congrats card
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My 47 year-old brother is getting married. This is about all the excitement I could muster for it -- a nice "Congrats on your engagement" card I made yesterday...with lots of old CTMH stuff (hey, I'm using it!)

I'm not sure why I can't muster excitement over this. E suggested that the last time there was a wedding, it was ours, and somehow I am uptight over being "usurped" from the Attention Throne. Um, yeah. Like our wedding day was such a big deal. I tried to keep things as low-key as possible, and feel we had a nice, relaxed day.

Mom has gone into hyper-mode (hmm...the only stress at our wedding was caused by her). She's already offered Tess as a flower girl (it's a done deal in Mom's mind). My SIL is talking to the bride-to-be via phone and email and oooo is Mom ever jealous (her "I hope they become Best Friends" just drips with sarcasm). Well, the phone works both ways, ya know? She was going to call the BTB this week, so we'll see how that goes.

Perhaps it's because we are soon off for two weeks with my folks, and Mom is already in Freak Out mode. My uncle got married in his 40s too, and has been happily married for over 15 years now. So Mom really needs to calm down. It runs in the family, see? So does Freaking Out, apparently.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Happy birthday, baby

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Time: This morning.
Place: Kitchen
Dialogue with my (NOW!) 5 year-old...

Tess: Mom! I've got presents!!
Mom: Cool! I wonder who left them for you.
Tess: Daddy!
Mom: Um...who does all the shopping around here?
Tess: The Birthday Fairy!!
Mom: (sigh) I get no respect.

(Daddy thought this exchange was HILARIOUS. Ha. Next year HE can be the damn Birthday Fairy and run out in icy rain with a baby and get some shopping done while Miss Thang is in school and then stay up late the next night trying to make a blank cake look like a dinosaur while said baby refuses to sleep and OH YES don't forget the gruesome PMS symptoms).

Dinosaur: Does this tail make me look fat?
Mom: You are going to be delicious.