Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sleep well, sleep tight...

By now most of you have heard that my room -- and only my room -- was hit by bed bugs while at camp. I can tell you I now know more about bed bugs than I ever expected to...but, on to the LOs I did at Scrap Camp.

Thirty-five pages (24 LOs...turns out I was counting "wrong," but the right way was to my benefit!) from Wednesday night (arrived at 8:30p -- much later than expected after dropping off Ben in Farmington and going back home to pack up the car) to Sunday noon...although I didn't scrap at all on Sunday...too wiped from 1a - 3a bedtimes all weekend!

My first favorite of the weekend...after 5 missteps...did this one Thursday afternoon...

One of my very favorites...and a 2-pager :)

I was most proud to get ephemera from the Michigan International Speedway on this one. E thought to bring a booklet back and I wanted to get it on the LO.

I hope readers get the Ace of Cakes connection...love the Sepia action in PSE.

I got compliments on my layering and use of patterned paper at camp for this one...

Considering we (my roommate had an even worse reaction to her bites than me) got refunds from the camp, I'll consider it a good weekend away. Just the week after (and all the itching) was a bitch.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Amuse bouche

I'm packing to go to Scrap Camp next week, hoping I don't come down with what Tess had over the weekend: chills, fever, coughing...everything but the killer sore throat that I hear comes with the H1N1 virus. I'm taking Airborne in preparation...not that it'll do me any good. So far Ben is hanging in there, no signs of illness yet. That's my biggest worry for now.

I'm working on a calendar for gifts this holiday season, digitally, now that I've figured out clipping in PSE 7...so I don't have much to share. My scrapping stuff is (mostly) packed and what scrapping I'm getting done is on the 'puter.

So, here's a little bit of amusement for you: Cake Wrecks. Saw it in People, then again through a blog where I was downloading digital goodies. Have a laugh on me, and think healthy thoughts.