Friday, February 29, 2008

Well now...

How often do I get to post on a Leap Day? I've been blogging (we used to call it Online Journaling) for nearly 10 years now (anniversary in April) and I don't think I ever have posted on a February 29th. How exciting was my Leap Day? Well, I stayed home from my usual Friday night crop because the roads are frightening (good thing, too, it started hailing around 7p) and I needed to make Tess's birthday cake...SIX girls coming over Sunday to celebrate and things are gearing up.

E is still sick, he went to the doctor's today but nothing more than constricted bronchial tubes. He's had a history of asthma so when it went to his chest (mine went to my sinuses), he was in a lot of pain. He's actually been home from work since Tuesday, poor guy.

He was so terrific all last weekend when I was laid flat by this bug, that I didn't mind staying home and helping out with the kids tonight. Especially with the driving being so bad.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Gah I hate winter

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Sorry, I haven't been updating. This morning at 2:00 a.m. whatever put a chokehold on me Friday night let go; I've been sick all weekend (such a good employee). At least I've been keeping up on my 365 projects at Flickr, even if I don't upload That Day (I've been as much as 4 days behind, catching up all at once).

This is a quilt I'm working on, that I'll be working on a long time. Saw one done as a high school graduation gift, a handprint from each of your child's teachers over the years. Mrs. P was the assistant teacher for both of Tess's preschool years, and by the time I saw the quilt that inspired me, her first preschool teacher was gone, so I decided to use Mrs. P's handprint to represent both years of preschool.

Not sure how it works for middle and high school; I guess your child picks her favorite teacher for the year and you hunt them down at parent-teacher conference. We'll see.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Cabinet

The Cabinet
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Would you pick this up if you saw it sitting curbside in the snow (and 7 degree weather)?

Even with a missing door? (I'm going to Velcro a piece of brown velvet there for a "curtain")...

Even though the back of it has been replaced with an piece of paneling, and several inside sections with plywood? (very neatly, I might add)...

Even though the bottom left drawer opens with a twist tie? (the matching hardware fell out as I was carrying this into the house, yay!)

Even though you have a very similar record cabinet (handmade by the father of a parish member at your old church) already in your scrap room?

Here was the tipping point for me:

Vinyl records: 12"
Scrapbook paper: 12"


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pick your hobbies carefully...

Tess on horseback
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The key to not being bored out of your mind at your kids' practices, lessons, games, whatever, I guess, is to hope they choose a hobby YOU love (or for you to take up knitting, which I plan on pulling out at all future soccer, basketball, tennis, or other sports-related event either kid picks up).

I absolutely LOVED being in the barn/practice ring with Tess Saturday morning. Even though it was bitter cold in the ring, even with the smell, even though *I* did not get to ride. And she really enjoyed it too.

Now, it looks like Ben will be taking up tennis...that should make E glad.