Thursday, June 28, 2007

The gals who mistook their bag for a hat.

Felting Fun
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Been a while since you've seen any knitting activity over here, eh? Yeah, check out the name of my blog now. So of course it's time for some knitting content, right?!

This was from One Skein. Tess saw me trying it on as a hat when I was about halfway through knitting it; naturally she had to give it a try. It fit her better once I felted it. Works out well except for those handles/holes over her ears.

Just as I predicted, it's looking like a Dead Raccoon bag (I used a skein left over from a sweater for Ben), so I've purchase some bright pink Lamb's Pride Bulky to try again. Not that I'm a Hot Pink kinda gal, but I'm more that than a Dead Raccoon kinda gal.

Motown Philly back again

Betsy Ross house
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Remind me not to drag E anywhere ever again. Remind me not to let my family dictate my travel plans. I wanted to leave Mr. Crabby at home with Little Crab, but Mom wanted the whole Famn Damily along for my brother's wedding. What a pain in the ass.

Things went okay until we tried to return home. Seems that even if you check in online the night before, and get your seat assignments, the airline can switch the flight to a smaller plane and "lose" 9 seats (including our 3). While there were a couple of kind folks willing to give up seats, we (a) were the last to check in at the airport, and thus last in line to get abandoned seats and (b) needed someone to give up 3 seats at once, which wasn't going to happen, even if we were first to the airport that day.

That said, Philadelphia is really a lovely city. One I wouldn't mind returning to when the kids are older (or, better yet, without the kids. Or Mr. Crabby).

E is just a terrible traveler. Up next: taking Mr. Crabby to Mackinac Island. Now, in addition to not liking airplanes, he claims to not like bicycles or horses. I think I'm screwed.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mom Style

I begged E to stay home this morning so that I could sleep in (HA), or at least have some help with the kids ONE morning a week. So he is off on a bike ride with Tess, while I'm here at home scrapping while Ben naps.

I haven't been able to crop at home in a while; I'm always sitting down to do it and then finding a million things to do around the house. Laundry. Dusting. Vacuuming. Feeding kids.

Now that we have the house up for sale, it's pretty spotless. Well, that, and I'm out of boxes. Our first showing stated that we still show "a little clutter," holy crap, what more can I get rid of? Either that, or put up a sign, "beware when you open closets." Yeah, that'll sell it. "Wow, they have a million closets, but for God's sake, DON'T LOOK INSIDE OF THEM!"

The one cool find during all the packing was my tripod. I KNEW I had it, although for a brief moment I thought I might have loaned it to the evil ex-fiance, thus had no hope of seeing it again.

Now I can participate in Mrs Reed's awesome Flickr group, Mom Style. I've been wondering how to take pictures for it for a while now (prop the camera up on a plant stand?) but that issue is solved.

Look for my lame wardrobe to make its daily appearance over at Flickr. You'll feel superior, no doubt.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Getting Ready

Before clean-up
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This is what I spent my weekend cleaning up. Seriously -- it took two days to get this mess straightened out.

I don't even recognize the interior of our home anymore. We have been living with clutter for so long that our home is now like new (but alas, not much bigger than I remember). Thus, we have it on the market.

I think we have it priced fairly -- there are lots of homes priced above us, and just a handful below. Two Realtors we spoke to suggested pricing it in the lower range just to move it, but since I'm not THAT interested in moving (actually, I wasn't that interested in cleaning and preparing our home for showing) I really fought taking at $15,000 hit on our place just to get it off our hands.

There are lots of things I love about our house, things I will miss. The peaceful backyard. Walking into the village. Neighbors.

But I do look forward to having room to entertain, and perhaps even a nice, warm, dry scrap room. Somewhere where the dryer buzzer doesn't scare the daylights out of me while I'm tuned in to my Ipod, scrapping late into the night.

And perhaps, a room as clean as this, all the time.
After clean-up

Friday, June 1, 2007

Amusing myself

Over here...

I'm sure I can come up with some Russian Engrish...

Thanks to Mrs Reed at Flickr!