Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mom Style

I begged E to stay home this morning so that I could sleep in (HA), or at least have some help with the kids ONE morning a week. So he is off on a bike ride with Tess, while I'm here at home scrapping while Ben naps.

I haven't been able to crop at home in a while; I'm always sitting down to do it and then finding a million things to do around the house. Laundry. Dusting. Vacuuming. Feeding kids.

Now that we have the house up for sale, it's pretty spotless. Well, that, and I'm out of boxes. Our first showing stated that we still show "a little clutter," holy crap, what more can I get rid of? Either that, or put up a sign, "beware when you open closets." Yeah, that'll sell it. "Wow, they have a million closets, but for God's sake, DON'T LOOK INSIDE OF THEM!"

The one cool find during all the packing was my tripod. I KNEW I had it, although for a brief moment I thought I might have loaned it to the evil ex-fiance, thus had no hope of seeing it again.

Now I can participate in Mrs Reed's awesome Flickr group, Mom Style. I've been wondering how to take pictures for it for a while now (prop the camera up on a plant stand?) but that issue is solved.

Look for my lame wardrobe to make its daily appearance over at Flickr. You'll feel superior, no doubt.

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your girl chelsea morning said...

isn't finding things GREAT!!! especially when you're not looking for them (anymore)...I'm hoping to make lots of discoveries soon--Jason and I are cleaning the basement because we'll be finishing it....and also then redoing my scrapstudio--which means I have to pack EVERYTHING up and move it for the contractor to get in...........I'm bound to find LOTS of things!