Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Cabinet

The Cabinet
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Would you pick this up if you saw it sitting curbside in the snow (and 7 degree weather)?

Even with a missing door? (I'm going to Velcro a piece of brown velvet there for a "curtain")...

Even though the back of it has been replaced with an piece of paneling, and several inside sections with plywood? (very neatly, I might add)...

Even though the bottom left drawer opens with a twist tie? (the matching hardware fell out as I was carrying this into the house, yay!)

Even though you have a very similar record cabinet (handmade by the father of a parish member at your old church) already in your scrap room?

Here was the tipping point for me:

Vinyl records: 12"
Scrapbook paper: 12"



ahardy said...

certainly NOT a coincidence!
what a great little find!

Anonymous said...

Thats so cool! Now you have a pair!

Anonymous said...

I agree about LF being weird. In the challenge we were discussing the big head kids and animals and decided the creator of the line must have been on mind altering drugs!!