Saturday, March 31, 2007

Clean tank, happy fish

Clean tank, happy fish
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We had our neighbor's teenager watch Jack while we were in Florida. Even though I asked her to give him only a *pinch* of food each day, and also gave her a glass to skim old food off the top, he still came back with his tank nastier than when we left (and I cleaned it the day before we left!)

I couldn't stand it anymore. I cleaned it this morning. Then Tess & I went to the library for storytime and...whoa! animals. Tess was really looking forward to that part; she has taken on Ming-Ming, the duckling from Wonder Pets, as her personal imaginary friend. Too bad the ducks were more teenager than duckling. Still, she had a fun time feeding the baby angora goat (too adorable).

NOT a lamb
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This picture will go great in the new, COMPLETE SEI album I WON last night (still got my crop-drawing mojo!) at my first Paper and Glue crop last night. I had a BLAST cropping with Hailey and Shel, who are actually from my end of town. Despite taking the wrong Michigan Avenue exit (who knew there were so many?) on my way to their Canton location last night (no offense Ypsi, but I don't need to see you for a long, long time) (you either, BELLEVILLE) (that's right, I ended up in frickin' BELLEVILLE) I was able to get focused and get a lot done.

I won TWO drawings, a really cool 7 gypsies stamp (family) that I used right away, and that beautiful SEI Spring/Summer 8x8 album Halley had made up...she even sold me the "sequel," the Fall/Winter album, from today's drawings (sorry, ladies).

Best of all, I stayed until 1:00 A.M. (my usual haunt would've kicked me out at 11:30 p.m.). I will be going to one of their crops again...hopefully out Ann Arbor way? And I'm not just saying that because I won everything...

>insert evil laughter here<

p.s. to DD bag came in -- it was at my MIL's, since she ordered it for me for Christmas. And I really like it after all! It's not pink & orange like I though, it's a pink & green & black floral pattern. Yum!

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