Monday, March 19, 2007

Just 3 hours away...

My favorite
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...and I'm missing him terribly! Mom & Dad are watching Ben while we take Tess on the ultimate Everglades excursion.

Ben was nonchalant about our leaving, until we pulled away and I waved at him from the rental car window. He had that worried look but seemed unsure about exactly what he should be worried about. Daddy's strange car? Being held by Grandma? (who probably set him down the minute we pulled out of sight...he's topped 22 pounds already, at 5 months...when I see other babies under a year, I can't even begin to guess their age anymore.)

We've learned a fun new card game with some longtime friends of my folks. The game is called Pay Me, and for once I've had fun playing cards with my Dad...he's a terrible tease, and I get pissed when I can't get a good streak of luck. It probably helped that I ultimately won our first complete game (it takes a while).

E, of course, is ready to retire already. He gets to play tennis every day, outside. I had the scrapbooking jones bad enough to borrow some paper from my Mom and make a quick page about Ben's first taste of oranges. Too bad I can't download photos yet (I can, but I'm on a borrowed laptop and don't know how), those turned out cute. That kid eats anything (obviously).

Well, off to try and not get eaten by an alligator tomorrow. Or sunburnt. Or blown off an airboat. Yeah, try not to hate me for being in Florida.

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