Friday, March 2, 2007

Happy birthday, baby

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Time: This morning.
Place: Kitchen
Dialogue with my (NOW!) 5 year-old...

Tess: Mom! I've got presents!!
Mom: Cool! I wonder who left them for you.
Tess: Daddy!
Mom: Um...who does all the shopping around here?
Tess: The Birthday Fairy!!
Mom: (sigh) I get no respect.

(Daddy thought this exchange was HILARIOUS. Ha. Next year HE can be the damn Birthday Fairy and run out in icy rain with a baby and get some shopping done while Miss Thang is in school and then stay up late the next night trying to make a blank cake look like a dinosaur while said baby refuses to sleep and OH YES don't forget the gruesome PMS symptoms).

Dinosaur: Does this tail make me look fat?
Mom: You are going to be delicious.


beckyr said...

Sorry Denise, gotta run with Daddy on this one. Frickin' hilarious!

Kimberly said...

hee! The dinosaur cake is adorable!

you amaze!