Thursday, March 29, 2007

WRIF stickers

WRIF stickers
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I posted about my trip down nostalgia lane when I saw a WRIF van last summer; a guy from Ontario (hi Steve!) wrote to me immediately, looking to trade. I have about 150 unique WRIF stickers in my collection, he has over 700 (not including doubles and triples).

I finally found my stash -- in our furnace room, of all places, but none of the stickers seem the worse for the heat-- and spread them out to see what I had doubles/triples/+++ of (who knew I liked Whitesnake?! I have 7 or 8 of theirs).

I did a quick search on Ebay to see what these are going for -- not much -- and found a guy who has a lot of the same as me. I wonder if he interned there at the same time?

I'm especially enjoying some of the ones we altered in our spare time (sitting around listening to rival stations and writing up their playlists...I guess they have the internet for that now). In the bottom left, you can spy the black-on-white "Lost Boys" one I created (I was a huge fan of the vampire movie at that time). I also found a mini-motorcycle one that spells out my name, and three that we altered to read "Yabba" "Dabba" and "Doo" (I have no idea why...extreme boredom, I'm guessing).

Our sports teams at the time (except for the 1984 Tigers) were all deadbeats, thus we had some altered ones to read "Dead Wings" and "Pissons," (I never thought "Lie Ons" was all that clever, but Ive been bitter about our football team for years) although sadly, I do not have any of those in my collection.

Good times.

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Del Villarreal said...


I have a question regarding the WRIF stickers -I'm trying to find out the name of the company (local MI?) who prints these as I'd like to make some similar stickers for myself. Any help in directing me to the name of the company that prints and cuts these WRIF stickers would be greatly appreciated -THANKS!

Enjoying your blog....

-Del Villarreal del at motorbilly dot com