Wednesday, July 11, 2007

07_07_07 project

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Well, this ended up being really fun. I was invited to this Flickr group over a month ago, but when I went to add my photos to the group, I found I was no longer a member. Luckily my email was answered and James, the moderator, added me yesterday.

I was having a really down day...been fighting with E all through our vacation and it continued when we got home. Like I said, he is a terrible traveler and I forgot how he was when Tess was a baby. Something about traveling with a baby, to my family, where he is "forced" to "babysit" (ooo...let's not even go there...) just sets him (and me) off.

I wasn't even going to take pictures for this project, and didn't realize what day it was until about 11 a.m. I hung around the house, depressed, until --irony alert!-- E dragged me out of the house to meet his friend, who has a daughter Tess's age, in the evening.

You gotta know that a summer festival (is it still Top of the Park if it's not on top of the usual parking structure?) in Ann Arbor is RIPE for photo opps. In the end, I had 40+ photos to choose from for the 7 required in this project.

This was my favorite.

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