Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh deer.

Oh deer.
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So this is what greeted me this morning as I headed out of town. This is the same sports establishment that has a "live bait" vending machine out at the curb all summer long (refrigerated, of course. I've always wanted to see someone stop, thinking it's a pop machine, then drive off when they realize what it is...of course, the giant LIVE BAIT across the front kind of gives it away).

Every year when I first spot this, I do a double take. The first time I ever saw it, I was about 2 blocks away before it registered in my head. Then I was like..."wait...did I just see...what?!"

So far Tess hasn't noticed them. She did one year and I think I gave a lame excuse like, "oh, they're just stuffed deer for display." Brilliant, I know.

These poor guys were looking a little less deflated when I first passed them this morning. I caught this shot (sorry) on the way home after heading out to Chelsea for MOPS this morning. My least favorite sight is a buck with his tongue lolling out of his mouth. Eeeww.

I live in such a klassy town.


inkyheart said...

ewwww, yucky! I have never understood the thrill of hunting unless it was to feed your family in pioneer times. Indians and buffalo - like 'Dances with Wolves' KWIM? My kids would think those people had killed the reindeer that pulls the sleigh...

Chelsea Kocina said...

My husband always warns me if he sees a truck with a deer on the back of it when we're driving in the fall--so I can close my eyes...otherwise I'll cry. Sometimes I open my eyes back up once I'm parrallel with the driver of that car, and I'll give them a very dirty look.

I think Fulda is about an hour and half from here....which yes, seems far--but you need to understand that we're in south central minnesota--so Mankato (where I live) is the "big town" for most of the smaller farm communities around here.....your friend is about equal distance to Mankato as she is to Sioux Falls, that I think about it, I think a friend of mine grew up in Fulda!