Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crazy knitting

If you are a CE teacher, volunteer, roomie, etc...NO PEEKING.

Oops, too late.

I've heard that some folks give gifts at Creative Escape, and I've been trying to decide what would be appropriate...something crafty, but NOT scrapbooking-related (lord knows we're going to get enough swag, after paying what we've paid for registration)...something from Ann Arbor, to boot...

I started to make these for my three roomies (Renee, Michele, Cendrine) and realized it only takes a day (seriously!) to knit one of these (from One Skein), and felting is oh-so-fun. I can fill them with crop candy (Jelly Bellies and Gummi Bears) and Zingerman's Magic Brownies (will they individually wrap those for me?), put a pretty tag on them and voila! My requirements for a little crafty, Michigania giftie are fulfilled.

Now to make 11 more of different colors, because if I had to work with that much pink & green, I think my eyeballs would fall out.


Shannon said...

Those look really adorable Denise....and you are just whipping them out...way to go.

Lisa said...

I miss those magic brownies! I think it's a great idea! Very Cute... you are sooo crafty!

Leslie said...

These look so cute! Great job and what a wonderful idea. I don't know how I missed this in June. I must give props to you for thinking outside the box. Leslie