Monday, December 8, 2008

All Things Tim

To keep me from thinking about the huge flame war/phone call fight I'm in the middle of with family (Merry 'effing Christmas, eh?!), I'm over at Tim Holtz's blog, enraptured by his 12 Tags of Christmas tutorials. Oh, and I've posted some holiday music, which you can turn off if it makes you crazy.

Speaking of going crazy, I had to go to special notice at the All Things Tim Yahoo group, as there are about 900 members and over 200 emails a day coming off of it. But it's a fun place for swaps and ideas and talkin' Tim.

Here's a bit of Christmas knitty goodness for ya...I'm halfway through Mom's Noro armwarmers...luckily I think my brother and I have kept her out of our happy holiday battle (it's been a long time coming, is all I can say about that).

I'd better go cast on arm warmer #2...peace out.


Anonymous said...

Good to "hear" from you Denise! Family issues are no fun, epecially this time of the year. Beautiful yarn on you project, love those colors.


Michelle Aguilar said...

wow, I am glad you are doing well and we finally heard from ya.
I can tell you all about family dysfunction. I was made in the mess. LOL It is what I am so used too but, stinks.
Ok, well I am hoping and praying to be going to CE again but, if not, I will or was asked to be a volunteer. whoo Hoo. Are you going to go and signed up for the Lottery?
I often wonder how they pick us at random or what?
well, I did talk to renee and she said it was flooded her way and she is slowly cleaning up.
she said she wants to be my roomie again if so.
She still felt bad about the small beds and I was ok with that.

Oh Merry Christmas and the most Happiest new year Denise.
think about you often. :)