Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hmmm, maybe mine should be to give up my't quite do that...but I am on facebook a LOT more often, so if you know me (or think you do), drop me a line and I can give you my moniker "IRL..."

At least I took the Christmas music off.


Michelle Aguilar said...

yes well I follow your blog!
I need to learn about twitter and face book as most of like Oprah and Hoda and Kathie Lee are one there now.
I must of missed when this all came about, twitter adn facebook.
I guess I need to go and check this out.
I also need to really update my sista site.
take care and Happy New Year!
you said if you get picked for CE, you will room with your CA friend?
Well, that would be great as Renee said she wants to room with me also if we get picked.
too bad us 4 couldn't share but, it is probably really just room enough for 2 huh?

Sandy said...

oh, i couldn't never give up blogging! (-; but i know what you know about facebook; it's very easy to keep in touch on there!