Friday, April 13, 2007

Grrrrr CKU

Grrrrr CKU
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Friday the 13th, right? Well, my strange bad luck with CKU has been going on for a week now...none of my emails have been going to any of the Yahoo lists I'm on (I'm on 3; the main one, my "dorm" list, and my album track list).A message I sent before I left for Florida, showed up after I got back! It seems to have itself for now, though.

My Handbook CD came in the mail and it's in a million pieces. Okay, not a million, but enough that there's no hope of reading anything off of it.

I can't even speak about my FIL; the news is too horrible to mention, E is over there every other day helping his mom move him and wash him. She starts every phone call to E with "he's still breathing," which I guess is her way of calming him down from the start (I'm sure E dreads seeing their phone number pop up on his cell screen...)

On the bright side, Tess has my camera (yup, the Canon. I know, E holds his breath whenever he comes home and sees her handling it. She's very responsible with far).

She has captured some very sweet images of Ben, and Ben with me, then she becomes her usual silly self.

Cross-eyed Ben

Me & Boo

Me & Boo II




Littlest Pet Shop monkey


Kimberly said...

Great pics! You have a budding photographer on your hands! :)

Lisa said...

Laughing my butt off at the pictures. I love the toliet shot! Actually a couple of them turned out great!!! The girl has talent. I bet people would never guess how old the photographer was!

cindy said...

my friend's cd fpor cku was broken too. you can go to ck website and go to cku detroit and download the handbook. 54 pages though!!!

ill be there too at cku..

have fun....cindy

Saltwater purls said...

Ben is turning into such a little man