Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Looks easy, right?

Ben at 8 months
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Just prop up your baby next to the same stuffed animal every month and get a nice tally of his growth over the first year. Easy, right?

Not so very...

First, you have to involve Big Sister.

Get her to hide behind the couch (arm) and keep baby there by distracting him with funny voices.

Only Big Sister -- FOR ONCE -- does not understand the concept of "hide."

You know, so you CAN'T BE SEEN.
Photo shoot for Ben's monthly photo, part one of SEVERAL

Then, of course, baby takes note of MOM. Taking the PICTURE (or, trying to...)
Hey is that mom?

And he has to do one of those classic "Hi Mom!" TV shots...or perhaps a "could I drool on your lens a sec, Ma?" question is being posed.
Hi Mom!

Suddenly Big Sister realizes her help is no longer needed.
She is being asked to GET OUT OF THE PICTURE.
Zut, alors!
Why can't *I* be in the picture?

THEN Mom realizes he crawled all the way across the couch for...
...the remote.
So, let him play with it!
Maybe the remote will occupy him...

Now he has no interest in anything else.
Including the large, green Ugly Doll put there expressly for his amusement.

FINALLY, the Money Shot.
Sister no where in sight.
Remote firmly in grasp.
(see first photo, above).

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