Thursday, May 24, 2007

Notice anything?

Notice anything?
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Definitely NOT a scrapable moment. My MIL noticed yesterday that one side of Tess's hair was shorter than the other...just enough that I didn't notice it.

I looked Tess in the eye and asked her -- quite calmly, I must say, and with genuine curiosity -- whether the hairstylist Grandma took her to up north had done that on purpose. I got two lies in a row, then, when I promised not to get mad, she admitted to cutting it herself.

"And where did you put the hair you cut off?"

"In a bucket. In my room."

Henceforth the scissors have been relinquished and she must do all crafts in my presence. Her hair is still long in back, so she's got a kind of modified (gack) mullet. Which will look just GREAT when she is flower girl at my brother's wedding next month. SIGH.

I gave my MIL a chance to even it up, and she hacked off too much on the other side. She usually does a great job with Tess's bangs and I've even had her cut some off the back in the past; Tess must have wiggled this time. Grr.

Heirloom rocking chair

All right, people, it's got to be said. It was cute (and I loved everyone's reaction) when he was 4 months old and 19 pounds. I was even okay when he hit 22 pounds at 6 months. But if one more person comments on how much they love fat babies, I'm gonna start takin' names. Because I have constant back pain and he can understand more than you realize.

Oh my God, I've got to go munch those bread dough thighs. Later 'gators.


Lisa said...

Laughing so hard my sides hurt...My question is though is why did she keep the hair in a bucket in her room? You just know the answer would be something good!!!

Well it happens to the best of us...though my bad hair experiance was when I was in 6 grade right before pictures and my mother thought she could cut my overly long hair by pulling it back into a pony tail! (Don't ask about the logic on that one...) Till this day I HATE that picture!!! To fix it the hair dresser had to cut it so short that I looked like a boy!!!

Denise said...

Girl, please! I ALWAYS had my hair cut short, because it was so fine. I was CONSTANTLY being asked, "are you a girl or a boy?"

I wanted long hair like Anita D. -- so long I could SIT on it (like she could).