Monday, September 17, 2007

A rather tasteless weekend (for me, at least)

The ultimate test...
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Ben is here enjoying his quilt from Karen D. Yum! She gave it to me when I came along to the Great Ann Arbor Quilt Guild meeting (finally!) on Saturday. It's all those cool Harry Potter fabrics I was admiring when Karen posted about them...ooh...about 6 months ago! Sneaky girl.

Unfortunately, I didn't get these photos posted until just now because I've been battling a wicked stomach bug that hit me Sunday morning. I'd been tossing and turning all night, and E came in to the room just in time Sunday morning to see me nearly hork up a shoe. Honestly, that was all I had left in me by then.

I'm still feeling achy and weird but I'm trying to get to the mounds of laundry that piled up (in just one day, apparently) and to wipe off every surface that E seemed to hit in the kitchen while caring for the kids. Hey, he cleaned up after me (iiich) AND gave up tennis (the beloved Sunday night league that he runs), so I can allow him a small disaster. Or two.


Bob said...

Hi Denise-

Been a while. Sorry I haven't been in touch.

Funny you should be mentioning Harry Potter. I've been trying to e-mail you recently to see if you'd like to participate in a second go-round of a Q&A... focusing on the seventh book... like you did a couple of years ago for my site. Not sure if I have the right address for you or if something just isn't connecting.

Anyway... hope all is well... send me a note if you are interested in hearing more. (

Have a good day.

Bob Hocking

Stephanie Mah said...

Hi Denise, thanks for dropping by at my blog and your sweet comments.:))