Thursday, September 20, 2007


You know how I all feel about Christian websites (or anything overtly Christian). Or maybe you don't (it all creeps me out), but here is a fun chance to vote for the cover of a new book for a Christian author. Holy cow, I can't believe I just wrote that on my site. And I didn't creep myself out. And you're still reading.

Matthew is funny. I needed more funny Christians when I was growing up.

In other (non-Christian, far as I know) author news: E is sad. So very sad.

Our running joke when we were first married was, either I start reading the Wheel of Time series (oh, how I hate fantasy), or have a baby.

And Tess was born.


Kimberly said...

Poor E! I was shocked to hear about Jordan's death, he was pretty young!

I read the WOT series for a while (first fantasy books I ever read) but when it got up to book 7 with no end in sight I could stand it no longer. :)

Jessica said...

Thanks for posting about Matthew's cover vote!