Monday, March 23, 2009

Photoshop EleWHA?

I'm cleaning out kindergarten artwork (goodness, my girl has come a long way in a year...but I still love some of her original spelling!) when I come across a Scrapbook Answers (sniff...long since shut down, every issue came with a) DVD...two of them, in fact. One had a 30-day trial of PSE 4.0 so I downloaded it. I've been looking for a replacement for my beloved but frustratingly slow MS Picture It software, which is apparently not compatible with my new Vista system.

I went to a beginner's tutorial site and tried a few simple steps...holy cow, it is not at. all. intuitive, nor does it work as they describe (and they are also using PSE 4.0...I know there is a 7.0 version out right now).

I am so disappointed, I wanted digital scrapping to be easier, not harder, than paper scrapping, but there are so many steps and I've had to start over so many times with one stinking LO that I'm giving up for today.

29 days to go...

Here's the paper LO I worked on this weekend...not anything ground-breaking, but it takes care of most of the pictures from our trip to Ohio last August. I haven't done a 2-pager in a while, this was time-consuming...but not as time consuming as my first (so far) failed digital page!

Oops! The girl's bus is here...gotta run.

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Michelle Aguilar said...

oh wow, that is very cute Denise!
I love the swirl paper as I have a a ton from Ce and SBE club I am in twice per year for about 14 times come June! You get $75 worth of goodies in a huge bag and about 10#'s worth of free paper, pre-cut or 81/2x11, magazines, pens, twice per year etc.
It is well worth it, just for checking in 50 LO per year. So, easy as it motivates you to scrapbook!
I love the turkey with your daughter as I am all about animals.

take care