Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scrapping challenges

I've taken to carrying around one of my (MILLION of) blank journals, to make notes & doodles about scrapbooking layouts that are in my head. I even brainstormed in church on Sunday, for this leftover SIStv challenge:

We had to use a certain page design, the color orange, bling (my suggestion to the list), the word "joy," stamping, and tape. I hope I'm forgiven, since I *was* scrapping a Psalm!

The next sketch in my notebook was for the first challenge over at the new KiddieLit blog. The theme was Wizard of Oz, and I used the following from their element list: HOME for my topic, a quote from the book/movie, the color yellow, blue gingham (hand cut letters), red sequins, rainbows, and twisted ribbon.

I did 5 more challenges at SIS for NSD, although I managed to get 4 challenges into one LO, so I really only did 2 more pages. I thought I was tapped out for inspiration, but having a notebook along for the Boring Mom Bits (church, storytime at the library, etc.) really helped keep me inspired.

Hopefully keeping track of due dates, like the one for this challenge, will help me enter more of these challenges and keep me scrapping during the week, not just on Friday nights.


amytangerine said...

yay for scrapping challenges!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...


Amy said...

Yay for completing challenges for SIS, but are you really supposed to write in your scrappy journal during church?? lol Just kidding! At least you had an idea to put in it, I have had NOOOOO mojo, and I need to find it quick since Im doing a craft fair soon!!

Brynn said...

Awesome page for Kiddie Lit. Such a soft, sweet feel.

Michelle Aguilar said...

oh that is a great LO. It looks very vertical. Oh Denise on my blog you will see this very great sale that is coming to Xyron via Arizona only this next weekend. Are we fortunate as of most states always having big events?
I wonder as Utah seems to be the Scrapbook capital of the world and then we seem huge also.

I was just observing last years CE how everyone was totally impressed about the stores we have there and SBE and the events that come here.
I guess it is big huh?
I dont' see where everyone sees but, I am grateful to have when years ago nothing was really here.

I know my ex's mom used to tell me PA didn't receive any of the same groceries like here right away, months or years down the road.

Ok, well Do you think a Canon XSI with a lens kit and warranty for $650 is a great deal?
Someone on the 2009 board is selling this.

And Susan from FL got in or finally decided too go and now all the Susan's are going once more.
I am rooming with Renee again and Faye.

take care

Bree said...

wow that layout is gorgeous.. and I have so sketched in my journal, or on bulletins at church before too.. that is so funny, thanks for letting me admit it out loud.... lol

And so glad you played along on kiddie lit