Sunday, February 22, 2009

Card Making

I realized my usual birthday card stamp (the Whoo Hoo Dress by Paula Best) was not going to cut it for someone I know (not really her style or attitude), so I broke open my new Hero Arts stamp set and had fun today. Tired fun, since Ben woke up crying an hour earlier than usual, and woke me out of a dead sleep. Good thing, though, because I was having a very sad, bizarre dream about him. Sigh. I hate those dreams.

Since I don't like to dirty up a stamp set (especially an acrylic stamp set, once I've found all the different-sized blocks I need) and only use it once, I went on to make some Thank You cards as well. Running low.
I heard scraping on my front porch yesterday afternoon and opened my front door to find a neighbor trying out in his new double-handled shovel (the one we introduced him to after our first big snow this winter). He told me he thought we weren't home and it was coming down pretty hard yesterday, so I used up the last of my Thank You cards when I went over with some fresh-baked scones last night.
No wonder I couldn't get out to shovel my own driveway and walk; it took me and hour and a half to make three cards today...mostly thanks to coloring each. little. matroshka. At least it was relaxing.

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