Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Curse of the Babysitters

This was SUPPOSED to be a busy week, evening-wise. Last night we were scheduled for a date night with our MOPS group (bowling). I was really looking forward to it, especially after a 5-day weekend, courtesy of President's Day and the local school district (grr...)

But our first babysitter's mom called to tell us her daughter had been home from school all day with a "gastrointestinal illness." (Not sure why she didn't say "stomach flu." Perhaps her variation is supposed to be more impressive).

Tonight we were supposed to head out to Grass Lake for a birthday party for E's "other" wife, his mixed doubles partner Steph. Guess who left me a message last night that she is sick? Babysitter #2. Thank God I'm going out tomorrow with Supper Club (minus E...we already agreed on that).

Thank goodness, too, I took time this morning to do a quick LO on our current shared passion, watching Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory on DVD, borrowed from E's friend and co-worker, Jim. We haven't had this much fun since we bonded over That 70s Show.

After running errands in Chelsea with Ben, I sat down and watched two more episodes while Ben chatted in his crib for an hour and a half. So much for a break today.


Shannon said...

We LOVE the Big Bang Theory....isn't it hilarious.....

Denise said...

Growing up with a brother who earned a Ph.D. in quantum physics (cough..sheldon...cough) and marrying a guy with a doctorate in Electrical Engineering (E is sweetly nebbish, like Leonard), I can TOTALLY relate to that show!!