Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fresh from my desk...

Here's one that's been sitting on my desk all week (and then some...I hate it when I can't get out to crop on Friday nights!) from last summer. Used bits of the SIStv Retro Modern collection, none of the exclusive (bright) papers, just the pale yellow cardstock and October Afternoon embellies they put in with the rest.

Ben was TERRIFIED of Colors the Clown...she kept walking past us to set up at the gazebo and he clawed at me every time she went by. Tess was oblivious, as usual (like mother, like daughter...). She spent most of her time at Dexter Daze (yes, it's spelled that way, how beer tent is that?!) in the moonwalk (or, as they say on Big Bang Theory, "bouncy castle") or knoshing on her giant tube of colored sugar (aaaack).

I was highly amused by the setup for the Dexter Area Museum: a mannequin torso, dressed in a museum T-shirt, topped with a cutout of Judge Dexter (our esteemed founder) wearing a paper engineer's cap. Some of my cropping buddies thought it was creepy, but it cracked me up.

I really should be least I cleaned out the car today. Gah, that was dIsGuStInG. I still need to set the shop vac on it all, but Ben's napping. How nice will it be to drive for 2.5-3 days in a CLEAN car?! Ahhh...

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sandalloons44 said...

hey Denise,
when ya leaving? Are you going on your annual vacation? Wow, I bet Florida will be as nice as Arizona. We are 59 now but, it should get into the 80's. Actually my dash board was hot yesterday. Now times like this as our spring is so short, makes me can't wait for our winter visiting to mexico one day here.
It gets so darn hot here and ouch!
You have to hubernate in the summer time!

Oh yes, you got a taste of that from Ce. and oh those Mesquitos at the hotel must of been the water that drew them so much.

I noticed you do a supper club, hum, what is that I do a once a month, Ladies game nice, Mexican train and potluck. Yummy as it tonight if I go.

take care and nice LO.