Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter and then some

Survived spring break week (barely). So nice to have E back home (even if he got to go to work all week...yes, even all day Good Friday).

Too much candy for Tess, though. I'm glad she's at my MIL's with E & her brother. Three! meltdowns! before! breakfast! (not including the jellybeans at 6:30a).

The Easter bunny came by at 6a to leave jelly bean trails from each child's bedroom door to the spot where their Easter baskets were located:

Luckily, she (I'm convinced the Easter bunny is a she...c'mon, give us ladies one holiday, right? Santa's got his and I've never seen a female leprechaun, we can't be witches only...besides, who REALLY goes and fills those baskets? Can I get a what-what...)

SHE put Tess's basket in our room, so that I would know when she was up (see 6:30a, above) and feel some of her excitement, not like Christmas 2007...ahem.

Grandma wanted a picture of the dress she made for Tess & her AG doll, we got it but not without (another) tantrum and sour face (AFTER the photo was taken, thank goodness):
I would have preferred that she comb her hair (and the doll's), but as we had just experienced Meltdown #2, I let it go. As Tess so wisely noted, "her hair matches mine!" Somehow I don't think Grandma is going to appreciate that...

Lil Guy got a very nice basket, too, and I got a nice photo of the both of them. Rare, believe it or not. Tess cannot be in hug range without squeezing Ben until he smacks her.

I had to move fast.

Hope you are having a bright, sunny Easter weekend too.

Peace out.


Nat said...

LOL - what a cute and nice easter bunny! Happy Easter!

Sarah said...

Love the jelly bean idea and I agree the Easter Bunny IS a she, my dh would not wish the easter bunny to be a he with all those ice cream colours and pretty ribbon around at this time of the year :)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

LOL your story gave me a good chuckle today! Your daughter's dress is adorable! Happy Easter!

Lisa said...

I loved the matching dresses! My mom use to make me and my doll matching clothing so that brought back a lot of memories. So did you and E do your parental duty and eat the ears off the kids chocolate rabbits? No candy here :-( just a box of peeps that I begged for ... Happy Easter!

Michelle Aguilar said...

love the Jelly Bean Idea and I will post our Easter photos tomorrow and all those colored different game animal eggs. Oh how our geese eggs, (only colored 6 as we had 30) turned out so beautiful!
Oh and I love your DD tights, so cute!
did I ever tell you with our Meliesa, whom is soon to be 20, well she had tantrums at 3, oh my, 7, 9, 11 and so on. that was the hardest whiniest age, 3! I would take a 2 year old anyday!:)
(just to make you feel better)

happy Easter to you and yours!

Hailey said...

how cute. love the pic.