Sunday, April 5, 2009

Charmed, I'm Sure

I was on FIRE with this project Thursday and Friday. This is the most fun scrapping I've had in a while. The idea just came to me and I couldn't let it go...ever since I found Cindy (fellow Friday Night Cropper) throwing away slide protectors (gasp!)...I KNEW there was a mini-mini journal in there somewhere...

Lots of other LOs in my SIStv gallery...I've been on fire generally in that department. I know it will wane once again, but I'm enjoying the ride for now.

E's out of town for a 4-day weekend. I'd call it an "exchange" trip for my trip to SIS Live at the end of June, but he has not arranged childcare for me (as I have for him that weekend), so I've come to think of it as more of a "retaliation" trip.

My only bump with not having him around was getting both kids out the door early (8a) this morning, so that Tess could sing in BOTH Palm Sunday services. After Ben woke at 4a last night. He NEVER does that, except that he did not nap yesterday (kids out front with sidewalk chalk on our driveway, kept him up) so at 4a he was all. done. He wanted to have major conversation with me, but after 20 minutes of trying to rock him (only to have him pull back and start on a new subject with me), I put him down and walked out.

Of course when I went to get him up early this morning, he was passed out like a little drunk, arms in the air, nothing would wake him except for some gentle shaking and calling and conversation. Payback time, baby!


Rachel said...

What a cute little mini book bag! I love it ;) In fact the PP sticking up looks like the SIStv background!
You asked where I live on my blog regarding the strawberry farms.... west central Florida. It is actually the very end of our strawberry season. If you look on the strawberry packaging in your grocer, it will have my town on it ;)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I LOVE your mini mini! It's so cute and very creative!!!

Gordon said...

Hi Denise - Great blog. Great comments interspersed your wonderful photography.

Couple of things. I find the scanning process to be a real draaaag. I do a lot of it for my genealogy work. Is there an easy, and even fun, way to do this? How about recommending an affordable portable scanner that I can take to a family reunion this summer?

Love your comment on Dexter Daze. Every since some hip wannabee town leader came up with the spelling way back in the 70s, I and many others have thought the spelling to be "too cute by half." Just write "Days" and don't try to be so clever!

My brother and I used to call it "Dexter Daze and Confuse." I'm sure the organizers in 1978 did not intend to honor Led Zeppelin with the moniker!

Colors the Clown is the best local clown, period. When she came along back around 1997, all those that were clowning around local events at the time, had to retire.

Windy Robinson said...

This mini is great, I loved it when I noticed it on SIS-- I love your blog too. Any advice for a new blogger?