Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bad knits--bad!

Bad knits--bad!
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This is not, by far, the worst photo from an old knitting magazine I picked up at a holiday bazzar recently, but it is (in context with my life) the funniest.

So, in honor of (finally!) getting back to knitting last week, I wanted to scan this and put up a caption contest. I have a few (!) in mind myself, but I wanted to see if anyone else could be as bad as me.

Bonus points for guessing the year this mag came out (oops). Sorry, I don't really have any prizes (except for finding out who followed me over to my new site...and that's just a prize for me, I guess).


Kimberly said...

Yikes! What a photo! I can't tell if that smile on the woman is knowing one or just a sign of complete denial! I'm not even going to attempt a caption, but know that I definitely went to the bad place.

As far as when it was published, I wanna say this is mid-70s, owning to the feathered hair on mr. grabby... I'm gonna guess 74?

KarenD said...

Hmm, the v-neck on the left isn't so awful.

Based on the Lacoste alligator and the length of the shorts, I'm going to say this is 1978.

My caption: Boys, Balls, and a Beard.

Saltwater purls said...

Denise you made me do it...I hold no responsibility for my actions

'Aha.....I always thought Philip wanted to grab Johns balls'

beckyr said...

Alright, you asked for it:
"Dude. Are those seriously your balls?"
Incredible, I know.
Also, 1978? I was born in 70 and to me everything looks like the 70's if it doesn't look like the 80's.
BTW: Here's a few knitting blogs I've discovered lately that are pretty funny/sad. See you Friday.

Denise said...

Okay, gang, sorry I didn't see all your clever entries until Becky told me at crop last night that she had put one up! Not sure what's going on with my yahoo email; it used to always send me any comments posted here.

Anyway...will announce the "winner" soon. Thanks for playing!