Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Family Dinners

Family Dinners
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This is the first photo I thought of when I signed up for Tracy White's Fondest Memories album track at CKU. You have to come up with 19 (why 19?) black and white photos or combination of photos to fit a 6"x8" space on each page of your memory album.

There's my handsome Dad on the left. His sister (whose basement this is) is standing in the background behind him.

Many of our holiday dinners (Christmas and Easter) were spent at my Aunt's house. She had six kids and lived in a small bungalow in Wyandotte. We always had to eat at various tables set up in the basement.

I so looked forward to going over there; I was her godchild and with her family of six and our family of four kids, I was the only one of my siblings to get a Christmas gift. Ooo, my sister was always so jealous. As baby of the family she always got special attention, so I was especially happy for the extra notice.

One down, 18 to go...and it will depend on the photos I can muster up.

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