Saturday, January 27, 2007

Princess Tess

Making a wish
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It's funny, the photos that you think will be your favorites after an event. Tess got a gift certificate for the full-on princess treatment at the mall boutique back when Benjamin was born (thanks, Kandi and Jim!) and I took her out there today to get her all tarted -- I mean, dolled up.

We saw Flushed Away afterward, then went for our usual mall treat -- a Mrs. Field's cookie (for her), three Godiva truffles (for me). I gave her a penny to make a wish at the fountains and she closed her eyes, giving me this secret smile. Turns out all the beauty treatment photos I took can't top this little moment.

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Jennie said...

Denise! I need your mailing address! So you can get secret knitting! Email me! kidsilkhaze at yahoo dot com!