Friday, February 9, 2007

All-day crop

I've never attended one of these, but I really hope to next Saturday. I did not know my beloved Yankee Air Museum suffered such a loss (you know, it's not like I was off say, oh, raising a family or anything).

Off to find those pictures I took when I visited in early 2001 (I was newly pregnant with Tess when I last visited...and didn't yet know it). Oh, lookie. Found the whole file.

My grandmother, great-aunt, and great-uncle all worked at Willow Run building B-24s during WWII. My father and his siblings were dropped off at daycare in Saline as children so that my grandmother could be a Rosie the Riveter (actually, she worked building electrical panels, but--whatever). That's a part of my history I have yet to explore in greater depth, and now it will be harder with such a loss.

Yankee Air Museum Benefit
Our very own Sarah is hosting this benefit crop to benefit the Yankee Air Force Museum which was destroyed in a fire in 2004. The fire destroyed the entire museum, but volunteers saved three warbirds that were housed there and generous donations of war memorabilia have been received since. A new museum now needs to be constructed to house and preserve these items to ensure its history is maintained.

Sarah has collected prizes that include a free gift from Bennigan's Restaurant for the first 16 to reserve their space, raffle prizes, a 50/50 drawing. Tarot Readings will be available for a donation! What fun! Come see what's in the cards for you and help preserve a very important part of our Nations' history!

Crop runs 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 17. Fee is $30 per person (all ages invited) and includes snacks, lunch and beverages. Should be a lot of fun, so gather up your friends or family and spend the day with Sarah at Scrap Tales.

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Kimberly White said...

Have fun cropping! So sorry about your war museum ... it sucks when places you love change or are ruined. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Kim