Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Creative Manifesto

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Did this as a challenge over at Ali Edward's blog, from her email 'zine. All stuff that's been going through my head for a while now, in regards to scrapping, photography, quilting, knitting, etc., etc.; nice to get it in "hard copy."

I worked on it while Ben yelled (he has cold so he's not comfortable in any one place for more than 3 minutes. Seriously), so it's not as "perfect" as I'd like it to be, haha, I only came up with 8 statements but a 9th one could definitely be "Not perfect but DONE."

1. Pay Attention
2. Record inspiration (I have yet to find a really good way to do this, but I will)
3. Use what you have (heh...I used a bunch of SU stuff I've bought recently to make this mini-album!)
4. Take time to plan
5. Keep it simple
6. Zoom in (good for photography AND "paying attention"
7. Be bold
8. Accept ~ Learn ~ Move on

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