Sunday, February 18, 2007

So Doc, you're saying I just need more...

Fiber Fair
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...fiber? Well, okey-dokey Smokey!

I was on my way to crop yesterday (yes, on a SATURDAY, don't fall over) when I drove past signs for the Spinners Flock fiber fair. This only happens twice a year, in February and September, and I was late (it was almost 2 o'clock), but it was very relaxing to look around and mmm...feel some fiber, baby.

I picked up some cheap homespun and--nasty anti-gauge-swatch-knitter that I am--started right up on my first pair of mittens. Which may need to be felted to fit.

Hey, it was cheap homespun.

Behind the homespun is a bag of roving, different appropriate hair-colored roving, to make more fairy dolls. Of course, I could make a couple thousand fairy dolls with all that roving, but then again, maybe I will be forced to learn how to spin. Never say never, right?!

Here's the latest fairy I made (this past fall, I think). She's my favorite, so far. I found the best flowers for her dress. Unfortunately, after months of heavy playing with Tess, she's gone slightly bald (she was a kind of greenish-blonde, the only roving I had). Maybe I'll need all that roving after all, for repairs.

The Bad Cold has hit me now (naturally). I could handle it better if I weren't--OH THE HORROR--out of coffee. Strangers bearing fresh-ground hazelnut coffee to my house anytime soon will have their feet washed. Or, better yet, be given a pair of hand-knit socks.

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