Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Another gift hat

Girly Hat
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This is for the family that just had twins, what? last year? So now they have 4 kids under the age of 5. Yikes. The newest's name is Zara, so I tried a little fair isle and threw in a "Z" with some leftover yarn. Looks more like a "2," dammit. Oh well. At least it won't get mixed up with the hats I made for her older brother & sister.

I'm almost out of this yarn and Adrafil no longer makes it. Boo. It's a pretty basic weight, though--worsted--but it was such a nice mix of wool, acrylic, and elastic that it was super-soft and "bouncy." The red was my absolute favorite shade of yarn, ever. Nice and bluesy, not at all orange-red. Yum.

Just like a cobbler's son, Ben does not have his Adrafil Jumping hat yet. I started that next. In red! Then that's truly the last of my stash for this yarn.

He has been wearing the Last Minute Knitted Gifts "Shaker" baby hat I knit for him before he was born; that will be my next gift hat for future babies. Really covers his ears & the back of his head nicely in this extra-brisk weather we're having. I bought some pink Rowan Kid Classic to have on hand for the next little one to come along. Oh, yeah, thanks (snort) Lynne, for alerting me to Flying Sheep's yarn sale last week. Damn you! (I kid because I love).

Below is a shot of the top of this hat, which I just love, even though I screwed this one up a bit. I finished it at knitting last night but (!) we did not get the "comfy" chairs at Sweetwaters and had to sit in a draft near the entrance to their back room. There was a guy hogging one, ONE of the three comfy chairs all suggestion to go sit next to him and knit and talk about menstruation to scare him off wouldn't have worked; he had earplugs in.

I didn't stay long; I had to haul home to work the next 25 pages of my current copyediting job. This one's 300 pages long and I'm busting through it. The last one was so full of mistakes that even at 200 pages it took me nearly as long (13.5 hours, if you must know) as the first manuscript I corrected--and that one was 300 pages (FYI, it took 15 hours). I figure if I get in 25 pages a night, I'll have this next one finished on time.

I love the non-fiction titles I'm working on--interesting topics and, working at home, no office politics. It's been nice keeping my feet wet in the publishing world. Oh, and the checks have been comforting, too.

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